Located in “Your Dreams” this Metro area Pool Hall has been a major player in billiards history.  Pool hall has trained, hosted some of the greatest pool players of all time.  This is the place to improve your game.

Pool Hall features Professional Diamond Pro-am tables with standard 4-1/2, and tight 4-1/4 and 4-1/8 inch pro cut pockets in both 9 foot and 7 foot table sizes.  All our tables feature full size Diamond lights.  Diamond products were developed by professional players with skilled engineers and designers are performance engineered to provide exceptional play capability and are used at major sanctioned tournaments around the world.


For over 50 years pool hall has hosted events for professional players, tournaments and all the popular leagues. Our Pro area has seating and standing room for onlookers to watch events or or your friends to watch you play.  Check out our walls of posters and photos of the great players that have visited us.   Our tight pockets make you bring your best game.  Diamond tables are proudly made in the United States by Diamond Billiard Products, Inc.


Open 7 days a week from 12noon to 2am.

Visit us TODAY at (“link to apple maps with address as text”)